Technology capable of varoius rare use

​as well as radiation cancellation.

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DART  |  The combustion energy of 1 light year squeezed to approximately between 2 and 5 hours in cruise much like an idling engine.

NGC 2775 exerpt |
To get travel time down to one month DART energy would need to be multiplied by 60,000 therefore 60,000 Gravity Cells in the Molten material that proportionally cycle the single Hydrogen electron ATM burn. A workaround to maintain the use of a single Gravity cell is to use both Pathscale and Kineticscale piped from the Gravity cell to read the area surrounding the DART travel environment for Hydrogen electrons along the path reflecting there blueprint in multiples. The energy is multiplied as it occurs unless you molten gravity cell root functions (aligning the electrons to the geometry for the radical function so energy is processed in equation versus electron pulse, this method can translate Group A | electron plus electron equals electron.two
Group B | electron.two plus electron.two equals electron.four | molten radical translation, group.b✓(group.a^group.b)/2) in the Pathscale enabling a multiplication.

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